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This web application has been built to help protect people, their family and friends by alerting its members to possible dangers and attacks, both from the physical and virtual worlds.

As our lives and possessions become more increasingly reliant on technology and connections to the internet we are opening up more and more possibilities for criminals and corporations to gain access to our personal details, habits and social behaviour. We need to learn how to protect ourselves and everything we care about around us by opening our eyes, we need to start sharing information about what affects us and each other.

The intention of this web applications functionality is to open your eyes to the old and new threats that surround us and intrude into our lives more and more regularly on a daily basis.

intelligence library

The intelligence library is the collection of data about what's going on in the physical world. The three top category’s are Terrorism, Travel and Crime. Members can add locations they want to receive alerts about. You may wish to be alerted to a local crime wave in your area, or scams happening where your children or parents live. You may have booked a holiday or even be on holiday, having this destination added to your list of alerts could warn you about in pending local weather warnings or the possible bankruptcy of the travel agent you used to book your holiday destination. Unfortunately in this day and age we are also faced with the possibility of a terror strike practically anywhere, instant alerts could save your life. Just being aware about what's going on in locations important to you, can prove to be invaluable.


This area again has been split into three main categories. Appliances, Transport and Tools. members can add information about theses types of possessions they own. Alerts can be received about specific faults and manufacture product recalls relating to any of the above categories. You may have recently brought a new product that has developed a fault. Is it just your machine? or are lots of people experiencing the same problem? One thing is for sure, the manufacturer is not going to admit there is an actual problem unless its absolutely necessary. ilids will help to confront the corporations about faulty or dangerous products to hopefully aid a speedy resolution for all of its members.

digital security

This section is vast, practically everything now used for entertainment and communication has a massive potential for exploitation by criminals and corporations alike. The main goal of gaining access to our personal data is for financial gain by the perpetrators. Corporations want to know what we are looking at, what we want to buy and how much we have to spend. Criminals want to know what data we have, how much its worth and how they can access any of our accounts so they can either directly make fraudulent transactions or just steal our identity. These electronic attacks come in many forms, from hackers to viruses, worms, malware, hoax calls and emails or gaining our private login details, passwords and PIN numbers by the use of fake websites. By adding your devices to our database we can help to alert you to potential new attacks and scams that may affect your devices, and highlight the identities of fake web sites to help you avoid being scammed by fraudsters.

intelligence library . information . digital security

ilids does NOT share any of your data with any third parties. ilids has been designed using onclick and onchange forms, hovering over most of the icons will give you instructions of what to do and how to use this site. Data you upload about yourself and your personal possessions is only assessable by you. In each of the sections above you can add details about your possessions. There is also space provided to allow you to upload pictures, purchase dates, prices , suppliers details, product serial numbers, notes etc. Uploading a photo copy of your receipt is also a recommended idea. This can prove extremely useful in the event of theft, fire or water damage. Trying to prove to insurance companies that you actually purchased something can prove tricky without a receipt. Entering a serial number/ id / registration number is also highly recommend to make recovery much more possible.

ilids has been designed to allow you to quickly alert others to any of the above with just a few clicks. For instance you may have lost your phone or had it stolen, within a few clicks the data about where it disappeared from, what it is and what the serial number is, can be instantly spread across the internet. You get to choose what information in the way of privately stored photos are published when you add your article to the posts pages.

Additional features on this web application allow other members to add comments on your posts. This could be in the form of advice about how to fix certain problems or where to get problems resolved. There is also a Review feature so that products, places, companies etc, can be reviewed and scored by our members and their reasons for their scores can also be commented on, members can add voting polls about anything and everything. Helpful when deciding what to buy or where to go. Naturally there is the Like and Dislike buttons for Posts and Comments.

ilids has its own internal messaging facility built in, this gives our members the confidence that their anonymity and contact details can be kept private if desired. There is also the ability to report unwanted or unacceptable posts. We have a dedicated support ticket system to also help resolve and issues or queries.

ilids Services

The services and alerts on this web application are free to use. Although not designed to be a place to buy and sell items, we have added this functionality, also at a free cost. We do not want annoying pop ups or adverts on this site, therefore please respect our members by only advertising items for sale using the correct "For Sale" service category.

We have provided you with your own Dashboard which gives you 100% control over what alerts you want to see and when. The alerts can easily be toggled on or off at any time. We will never contact you and request any of your personal login details to access this site. So do NOT ever give them out to anyone requesting them.

We will be adding information and instructions, along with downloads to help educate you on how to protect yourselves from the unscrupulous tack-ticks used by the modern day extortionists. Where as most of the data is free, there are some small charges for certain information and services. These charges will hopefully be enough to allow us to keep this site running and provide more advanced features in the future.


How exposed are you and your gadgets to being exploited? Who's communicating with your children and parents? What are people in your household viewing online and who is chatting to who about what online?
Be it Laptop, PC, Tablet, Smart Watch, Smart TV or most likely the Mobile Phone, we will help to provide you with the tools and information to monitor the electronic communication being received and transmitted within your household to help keep you all safer.

The Future

As we all know, everywhere across the planet resources for enforcing the law and getting crimes resolved is receiving less and less funding. Leaving us with less forces on the ground which is now making certain crimes almost completely dismissed. The aim of ilids is to try to fill the gap. ilids aims to be a cross between Crime watch, Neighbourhood Watch, Which and Wiki. This web application is still in its early stages of development and plenty of services and idea's are planned to help further protect us as we move into the future.

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